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7 bodyweight triceps exercises that will help you gain more definition

Unpopular opinion: Triceps > biceps. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the general obsession with the big guns over triceps….

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Unpopular opinion: Triceps > biceps. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the general obsession with the big guns over triceps. For one, they’re easier to train, have a vast pool of exercises that give them definition, and offer flaunt-worthy results in a short period of time. While triceps can be trickier to train, they play a key role in both aesthetics and function. “If you look carefully at well-defined triceps muscles, you would be able to spot the horse-shoe shape of the 3 distinct heads of the triceps that make your arm look much bigger,” explains Rahul Huidrom, Strength Master Trainer,

According to Huidrom, the triceps play a key role in everyday movement. They work with your lats to bring your arms towards the body, while also playing a huge role in the extension of your elbow joints. “Think about this – you can’t sign your name without using your triceps, let alone swing a bat or a racket,” he says, driving home the importance of training these muscles.

How effective are bodyweight triceps exercises?

If you’re at the gym, there are a variety of weighted exercises you can perform to work your triceps, including rope triceps pushdowns, close grip bench presses, dumbbell triceps extensions etc. But without access to a gym or advanced equipment, you might fail to think of interesting and varying triceps workouts. Does that mean weighted triceps workouts trump bodyweight ones?

“They complement each other. While weighted movements will help overload the muscles for more hypertrophy and increase bone strength, bodyweight variations can be done anywhere and are equally good to achieve muscular endurance, if not more,” explains Huidrom. It goes without saying that you must master bodyweight exercises before loading up.

7 bodyweight triceps exercises to get you started

We asked Huidrom to curate a workout drill for your next arm day, where your triceps can be the centre of attention. Each of these 7 exercises can be done from anywhere, and require no extra equipment.

1.High plank to low plank

To perform this exercise, go in a high plank position, with your palms on the floor, shoulders, elbows and wrist in one straight line, and your knees fully extended and off the floor. From here, keep your core engaged and bend your arms to go in a low plank position, with your elbows and forearms on the floor.

2. Pike push up

This vertical push exercise works your core, triceps, shoulders, and your entire upper body. You need to be in a downward dog-like position to begin this exercise, with your hips to the ceiling and your palms under your shoulders. Then, slowly bend your elbows to lower your head to the floor, keeping your core and butt muscles engaged.

3. Diamond push up


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