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Asha Negi does the kettlebell workout; know all about it

Asha Negi never ceases to amaze us with her impeccable fashion choices. She keeps sharing sneak peeks of her looks…

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Asha Negi never ceases to amaze us with her impeccable fashion choices. She keeps sharing sneak peeks of her looks leaving her fans in frenzy. However, this time, the 32-year-old served fitness inspiration as she posted a video of herself doing the kettlebell workout.

Donning a perfect athleisure look consisting of a grey hoodie, a pair of black tights and white sneakers, Negi could be seen performing the intensive workout in the gym. Take a look.

“A kettlebell is actually a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top. It is used to perform dynamic strength and endurance exercises,” Rachit Dua, senior fitness consultant at Team Aminder and a co-founder of Fitpathshala, said.

Highlighting the difference between dumbbells and kettlebells, he said, “Unlike dumbbells, where the mass is evenly displaced, in kettlebells the mass is mainly below the handle.”


“The fundamental benefits are mostly same as of weight training, as the body does not understand whether you are lifting a dumbbell or a kettlebell. It only understands resistance, irrespective of the source it is coming from,” the fitness expert said.

He listed the following possible advantages of kettlebells.

  1. They are handy and require less space for storage. Hence, they can be considered a decent tool for home workouts.
  2. Allow you to train both the limbs equally, as it is usually used as a unilateral movement. So you can train one arm first and then go for the second arm.
  3. One can create many exercises using kettlebells, for instance, overhead presses, biceps curls, elbow extensions, goblet squats etc.

“The Romanian deadlift, kettlebell swings, Snatch, clean and jerk etc are the most popular movements which are done using kettlebells,” he added.

Who should avoid it?

Despite its numerous benefits, you need to be cautious while using kettlebells, according to the expert.

He said, “Instead of directly picking kettlebells as your first tool to workout, start with the dumbbells as they are mechanically safer to handle.”

“Also, if someone has any lower back issues, avoid the popular kettlebells swings initially,” Dua added.

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