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The Best Muscle Workouts

Best superset workouts to build muscle, strength and endurance

The best superset exercises There are two main ways to superset: using exercises that target the same muscles or using…

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The best superset exercises

There are two main ways to superset: using exercises that target the same muscles or using exercises that target different muscles. “I think that full-body supersets are great for people who are training two or three times a week as it means you hit multiple muscle groups in one session without spending hours in the gym. They also allow you to use relatively heavy weights without over fatiguing any individual muscles,” says Tess Glynne-Jones, strength coach and head trainer at ROWBOTS. 

However, if you’re training more frequently, using same muscle supersets can cause more damage and therefore increase the speed at which you build muscle. 

A woman squatting with a kettlebell during a home workout.
Superset workouts can be useful in home workouts and the gym.

Tess also notes that it’s best to avoid supersets if you’re training with heavy compound lifts. “Big lifts like squats or deadlifts will leave you very tired, especially if you’re working with very heavy weights. You won’t then be able to execute another exercise with good performance. In accessory work, or if you are training in a hypertrophy range, of eight-12 reps, you might be working with slightly lighter weights so supersets are useful. They can help you to get more volume in. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t challenge with supersets – just choose the moves carefully,”  she says. 

The best superset workouts

Looking for some examples to take to the gym with you? Try these superset workouts. Perform eight-12 reps of the first exercise (usually the move that recruits the most muscles) before moving straight on to the second exercise (an isolation exercise), then rest for 60-90 seconds. Repeat for three sets, then move onto the next pair. 

Same muscle supersets

Upper body push 

These exercises target the chest, shoulders and triceps. 

  1. Chest press X tricep extension 
  2. Shoulder press X incline press
  3. Press up X tricep dips

    Upper body pull

    Use all of the muscles in your back and biceps with these moves.

    1. Bent over row X bicep curls
    2. Lat pull-down X reverse fly
    3. Seated row X hammer curls

    Lower body squat

    Move through the squat motions, one of the fundamental movement patterns, to target your quads, glutes and calves.

    1. Front squat X reverse lunges
    2. Split squat X cossack squat
    3. Goblet squat X pistol squat

    Lower body hinge

    Use the muscles in the back of your legs – your hamstrings and glutes.

    1. Hip thrust X Hamstring curl 
    2. RDL X kettlebell swing
    3. Good morning X Glute bridge 

    Full-body supersets 

    Upper/lower pull 

    1. Glute bridge X Renegade row 
    2. Good mornings X Lat pull-down 
    3. Romanian Deadlift X Reverse fly 

    Upper/lower push 

    1. Press-ups X Goblet squat 
    2. Bench press X Reverse lunges
    3. Shoulder press X Leg press 

    Want to learn how to do these moves? Sign up to the Training Club to view our How To videos. 


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