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The Best Muscle Workouts

Four gym equipment that will help you with your home workout on Amazon India

Most people start with a gym to get in shape and tone their muscles. However, many people eventually switch to…

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Most people start with a gym to get in shape and tone their muscles. However, many people eventually switch to being self-dependent and taking to home workouts at their convenience. You can buy some simple exercise equipment from amazon and get started with your comprehensive workouts at home. So here are four pieces of gym equipment that you can try. 

Boldfit Tummy Trimmer

Tummy trimmers are one of the best resistance training tools. This double spring tummy trimmer from Boldfit is the perfect choice for beginners and fitness freaks alike and that too at pretty affordable prices. It is equipped with a non-slip holster for better grip and a non-slip ankle board that can rotate 360 degrees for easy usability. The dual springs are strong, durable and specially designed to prevent corrosion. It also helps decrease your belly fat while toning your belly, biceps, legs, chest and hips muscles while sitting or standing. This tummy trimmer is 11.8 inches in length, 10.2 inches in width and weighs just 800 grams making it quite portable, lightweight and easy to use so you can use and store it anywhere you want.

ZOSOE Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle

The pushup is still one of the best exercises that require little to no equipment, but you can make them even more effective with these pushup bars from ZOSOE. These pushup bars are made from hard polypropylene, which makes them durable enough to endure heavyweights. They have foam grip handles so that you can hold them easily and comfortably without any slippage. The push-up stands are covered in rubber so that they do not move around while you burn those extra calories. With these, you can train your upper body muscles much more effectively than earlier possible. These ergonomic and portable exercise equipment weighs just 300 grams and measures 8.66 x 5.51 x 4.72 inches, so you can exercise anywhere anytime.

Lifelong PVC Home Gym Set

If you are looking for a weight training setup for your home workout, then this Lifelong PVC home gym set is the perfect choice for you. This set includes four PVC plates that weigh 2.5 kg each, a 3 feet long curl rod, two dumbbell rods that are 14 inches long, leather gym gloves, skipping rope, hand grip and a pair of curl rod locks. Each of these items is made from top-notch materials that provide a firm grip and high durability for easy handling and rust-free performance even in the long run. You can enhance your chest, biceps and abdominal muscles while also improving your cardiovascular health using this high quality and affordable home gym set from Lifelong.

Ardith Resistance Bands Set

No workout session is complete without a little resistance training, and that’s why most gyms out there have some version of resistance bands. Ardith has noticed this and created this fine set of resistance bands to help you work out your arms, legs and butt while toning your chest, abs, biceps and more. This set comprises five bands that offer different kinds of resistance levels (black- 35lbs, green- 30lbs, red- 25lbs, blue- 15 lbs, yellow- 10 lbs). You can use them on their own or mix and match them to get a maximum resistance level of 115lbs. These bands are made from high-quality rubber that lets you work out without worrying about bands breaking off. Additionally, this set is pretty compact and lightweight, earning them a permanent place in your travel backup for exercising on the go.


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