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The Best Muscle Workouts

The 7 Best Lower Ab Workouts For Men

Developing the elusive six-pack is the grand prize at the end of an often very long fitness journey. A shredded…

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Developing the elusive six-pack is the grand prize at the end of an often very long fitness journey. A shredded stomach isn’t something that comes easily, but with a bit of hard work and dedication in the kitchen and the gym, it’s something that’s possible for everyone.

“A strong and active core is the anchoring system for a strong and active body,” says personal trainer Brendon Ayanbandejo. When you have good core strength along with posture it supports your upper body, lower body, and your trunk as well.”

Six-pack abs are the result of building muscle and losing fat, and you can’t have one without the other. There’s no way to “cheat the system” and workout like a maniac while eating like one, too. There are no shortcuts, either. No magic supplements, fad diets, or costly gym equipment will help you get there faster. Time, perseverance, and tenacity are the tenets of unlocking defined abs.

Achieving a six-pack isn’t complicated, but the reason why most people stop short of this goal is that it takes time. Don’t get discouraged after a few weeks of hard work. Once you can be realistic with your expectations, you’ll enjoy the process much more.

If you’re ready to make this commitment to yourself and the future chiseled physique you’ve been dreaming of, the work starts now. We consulted with personal trainer Brendon Ayanbandejo from the FitOn fitness app to create this guide to chiseled abs. Combined with a HIIT workout to aid in fat loss, these seven exercises will help get you closer to the six-pack of your dreams

Low Plank Crunch

This one is a real burner. It turns the classic plank into an active exercise that you’ll feel throughout your core.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 25
Sets: 3
Execution: Get into a plank position from your elbows, squeezing your quads nice and tight. Tilt your hips up and then contract your abs and tilt your hips down making sure your feet are hip-width apart.

Bicycle Crunch

The best thing about this move is that it trains your abs on the transverse plane of motion, which is one of the three planes of motion in which we move, whereas most ab exercises only train on the frontal plane of motion. “You want to build a balanced physique in order to stay healthy, so make sure you are not only doing abs from your back,” says Brendom.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 20
Sets: 3
Execution: Start on your back with one leg extended out away from your body and the other one bent at the knee. Twist through your core so the opposite arm comes toward the raised knee, focusing on rotating your thoracic spine as you rotate the shoulder to your knee as you crunch.

Double Crunch

Double crunches do twice the work, training the upper and lower abs at the same time. It’s a combination of the standard and the reverse crunch, which is what makes it so effective.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 15
Sets: 3
Execution: Lie on your back with your knees bent and off the ground. With your fingertips at your temples, draw your belly button to your spine and crunch while you bring your knees to your elbows.

Alternating Toe Touch

The alternating toe touch is an extension of the double crunch with even more benefits. It hits the entire abdominal wall (lower abs, transverse abdominals, and external obliques) in a single, dynamic motion.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 10 each leg
Sets: 3
Execution: Lie on your back with your legs in a pike position, keeping them as straight as possible. Reach for the opposite foot with your hands alternating back and forth. Pull your shoulders down away from your ears.

Mountain Climbers

Get ready to sweat with this exercise. Mountain climbers are a full-body workout, targeting your abs, hip flexors, and shoulders in the process. The cardio element to this move helps aid in the fat loss necessary for unveiling that chiseled six-pack.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 25
Sets: 3
Execution: Start in a sprinter’s position with one foot positioned under your body and the other one extended back. In one smooth motion, switch your legs, keeping your arms in the same position. Repeat.

Slider Plank to Plank

This active plank variation will really fire up your core and work all the muscles in your core. If you don’t have sliders, you can use a couple of dish towels and get the same results.

Equipment Needed:Exercise sliders
Reps: 10
Sets: 3
Execution: Get in a plank position on your elbows with two sliders underneath your feet. Engaging your core, lift your hips upward in a pike, sliding your feet forward, and pulling your belly button in toward the spine. Slide back to plank position. Repeat.

Hollow Hold to V-Sit

This one looks deceptively easy but after a few reps trust that you’ll be begging for some relief. Hollow holds build core strength and balance, which will help with holds like handstands and levers, but it will also encourage solid posture and prevent injuries.

Equipment Needed: None
Reps: 10
Sets: 3
Execution: On your back, lift your head, shoulder blades, and feet off the floor as you extend your arms straight out into a hollow hold. Then, use your abs to lift your chest towards bending your legs to form a V shape with your legs parallel to the floor. Slowly lower back down into your hollow hold and repeat.

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