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The Best Muscle Workouts

The best arm workouts with dumbbells

When it comes to the best arm workouts — ones that build strength, add muscle, and rev up your metabolism…

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When it comes to the best arm workouts — ones that build strength, add muscle, and rev up your metabolism —  there is no better tool than the good old fashioned dumbbell.

There’s a reason everyone’s been buying dumbbells in droves while gyms remain off limits- they’re one of the most versatile and affordable pieces of equipment you can own. They can be used to target major muscle groups or isolate the bis and tris (biceps and triceps, for the newly initiated). And importantly for city dwellers in cozy apartments, they take up a relatively small amount of space.

Plus, while we’re shaping our shoulders and defining our chests, we’re also unknowingly working on another important skill: Balance. According to a study presented in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, participants who trained using free weights like dumbbells greatly improved their overall balance compared to those who trained using only fixed weight machines. 

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So break out those dumbbells and try these three killer arm workouts. Each workout is a “superset,” consisting of two complementary exercises paired together. Perform one exercise right after the other, with a brief rest after you’ve finished the set. Aim for 3-5 rounds of each superset, with 8-12 repetitions of each exercise. If you’re just getting started with dumbbell training, focus on one of these workouts a day. If you’re an expert, go for two or three in one training session. You’ll also find a few alternative exercises listed, with modifications or substitutions.

Workout 1: Dumbbell chest press and dumbbell skull crusher


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