Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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The Rock Just Shared His ‘Intense’ Arm Day Workout Finisher

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has spent the last year training harder than ever before while packing on even more muscle…

By admint10m , in Arms , at August 9, 2021


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has spent the last year training harder than ever before while packing on even more muscle to play the physically demanding lead role in DC’s Black Adam. He recently described his superhero transformation as the “hardest undertaking of my entire career physically & mentally”, and the experience of making the movie as an “incredible journey.”

But just because filming on Black Adam has officially wrapped, doesn’t mean Johnson is ready to rest on his laurels. The actor is sticking to his training schedule, and over the weekend he posted the latest of many workout videos from his home gym (dubbed the “Iron Paradise”), in which he shared how he makes his arm workouts more challenging and continues to push himself, to the point that things get “intense” and “uncomfortable.”

“We got a great (and intense) one in to close out the week,” he wrote. “Finishing exercise of high 1.5 iso reps, blood volume pushed with fun pain… I love when things get uncomfortable, it forces me to disrupt to hold everyone and everything (especially myself) accountable to step the fuck up and get the job done. It’s what we do. Make things uncomfortable, see who rises to the occasion. That’s when you know.”

The video shows Johnson performing partial reps on his bicep curls, which enable him to focus on the halfway portion of the movement, where he is getting peak contraction on the bicep. It’s also worth noting that while the 30-pound dumbbells he’s using are relatively light compared to the weights he’d be lifting in other exercises, he is still straining due to the sheer amount of volume in the set, which helps to create greater hypertrophy of the muscle.

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