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The Best Muscle Workouts

This 3-Move Workout Builds a Broader Back and Thicker Arms

Abs and biceps might get all of the press, but the hallmark of a truly rock-solid physique is a broad…

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Abs and biceps might get all of the press, but the hallmark of a truly rock-solid physique is a broad back. This 300-rep back-builder combines calisthenics, barbell work and spread of rep ranges to hit your posterior from all angles, all aimed at growing a set of lats that could double as wings. Let’s get into it.

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      Grasp a pull-up bar with an overhand grip over shoulder width apart, lift your feet from the floor, hanging freely with straight arms. (A) Pull yourself up by flexing the elbows whilst pinching your shoulder blades together. When your chin passes the bar, (B) pause before lowering to the starting position.

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      BENT OVER ROW x 10

      Pull-up’s dispatched, deadlift a barbell and hinge at the hips until your chest is parallel to the floor, barbell hanging at your shins (A). Maintaining a flat back, row the bar towards your torso (B), squeeze your shoulder blades together and lower under control to the start before repeating. Control the bar and avoid moving your torso but keep the pulls explosive.

      inverted row


      Grab a set of rings or a barbell at hip height, walk your feet forward until you’re hanging with straight arms (A), keeping your elbows close to your body, row yourself up towards the rings, pause here for a second (B) before lowering yourself under control back to a full hang, repeat.

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