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Maverick, Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher, Nick Morton, Roy Miller, and the list continues. Movies change, characters change, storylines change, but…

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Maverick, Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher, Nick Morton, Roy Miller, and the list continues. Movies change, characters change, storylines change, but Tom Cruise’s physique and fitness level remain unchanged.

While we see actors like Tom Hardy, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans routinely undergo body transformations for their roles, Cruise has stayed away from this trend. He has been sporting the same athletic look since he entered Hollywood.

Do not get us wrong. We do not mean that it makes Tom Cruise any less of an actor. In fact, it sets him apart for two reasons:

  1. Maintaining the same aesthetics throughout requires discipline that only a few possess.
  2. In this aesthetic obsessed world, he proves that an actor does not need a physique transformation to wow crowds

Born in Syracuse, New York, Tom Cruise had a rough childhood. He grew up on the verge of poverty and spent much of his early days moving from one place to the next (it is reported that he attended as many as 15 schools in 14 years).

Fun fact: Owing to his Catholic upbringing, Cruise flirted with priesthood while attending a Franciscan seminary in Ohio.

Tom Cruise’s body has to play catch up to his larger-than-life roles in movies. The 59-year-old movie megastar is 5’7″ tall and on the shorter side of the Hollywood A-list.

Tom Cruise Lets His Body Do The Talking

Cruise has mastered the art of body language and conveys more through his actions than words. 

“Watch him in any interview: he sits with elbows wide and never hangs back,” says Dianna Booher, a communication consultant. “Fill space and people conceive you as a large person.”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise (Image via @officialtomcruise)

By 18-years-old, Tom Cruise moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. Shortly after, he scored brief roles in films like Endless Love and Tapssoon. His short but powerful presence became an instant draw. At 21, he was starring in blockbusters like The Outsiders and Risky Business. They were All The Right Moves, if you ask us.

Tom Cruise’s Fitness Principles

Fitness principles act like anchors that help keep you on the right path. Cruise swears by these principles:

1. Eat Less

If rumors are to be believed, Tom Cruise regularly trains with David Beckham, who has him following a 1200 calorie-a-day diet plan. 

1200 calories will ruffle many feathers, but if you know a thing or two about weight loss, you would know that to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit – meaning – you have to be expending more calories than you consume.  

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2. Do Not Restrict Yourself To The Weight Room

Tom Cruise does not confine himself within the four walls of a gym for his workouts. He loves engaging in outdoor activities and maintains a proactive passion for all forms of adventure that helps keep him naturally fit. 

To quote him directly (from a 2018 interview): “Sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, weights, rock-climbing, hiking, I jog, I do so many different activities.”

Tom Cruise Diet Plan

Tom Cruise Diet Plan

While it is no secret that Tom Cruise follows a 15 meals-a-day diet plan (you read that correctly), he has never dwelled into details. Although we do not know the exact specifics of his diet, we have details of his diet’s macro break-up and preferred food sources. 

Only a small part of the 1200 calories come from carbs. Cruise prefers vegetables and lean protein in form of grilled chicken breast, fish, egg whites, and whey protein as the primary source of his calories. Fats, on the other hand, come from healthy sources like nuts.  

Each of his 15 small snacks is prepared by one of his two personal chefs, and it includes foods such as nuts and freeze-dried organic blueberries. 

Estimated Macro Breakup:

  • Carbs – 10%
  • Fat – 35% 
  • Protein – 60%

What To Eat on the Tom Cruise Diet:

  1. Lean meat
  2. Fish 
  3. Egg whites
  4. Salad
  5. Vegetables
  6. Berries
  7. Nuts
  8. Olive oil

What To Avoid on the Tom Cruise Diet:

  1. Refined carbs
  2. Processed sugar
  3. Preservatives
  4. Additives
  5. Chemicals
  6. Junk food
  7. Artificial sweeteners

As per some reports, Cruise gets most of his calories from grilled food and avoids carbs as much as possible. 

But why is that, you ask?

According to studies, higher carb intake can increase glucose production in the body, which can lead to excess body fat, muscle inflammation, and other unwanted outcomes.

On top of that, research has shown that a low-carb diet can reduce muscular inflammation, particularly for people who are obese or have metabolic syndrome.

Tom Cruise Workout Program

Tom Cruise Workout Plan

Tom Cruise’s training routine consists of traditional strength training exercises and a range of outdoor activities. 

Cruise trains five days a week. He uses three days for weight training and cardio to remain in shape. On the remaining days, he engages in other outdoor physical activities. 

Tom Cruise’s workout program is designed keeping in mind that he performs most of his own stunts. Staying nimble, functional, strong, and flexible are top priorities for Tom. 

Monday: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

  1. Warm-Up: 10-min walk
  2. Bench Press: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  3. Dumbbell Kickback: 3 Sets 10 Reps (Each Arm)
  4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  5. Incline Barbell Press: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  6. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Front Raise: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  7. Seated Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extension: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  8. Cable Chest Fly: 3 Sets 10 Reps

Rest: 30-seconds between sets and exercises.

Tom Cruise does not spend more than 45 minutes on a workout. So, keep your training intensity high and do not rest for more than 30-seconds after a set. 

Perform all exercises with the correct form while following a full range of motion. Do not bother yourself with lifting too heavy. The goal of the Tom Cruise workout and diet program is not to put on 10lbs in 10 weeks but to look like an individual who has discovered the elixir of youth. 

Tuesday: Activity Day

  • Choose One: sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, rock-climbing, hiking, jogging, running, etc.

The activity day workout should last for at least an hour. If your goal is weight loss, perform the outdoor workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 

You could also break down the 60-minute workouts into smaller HIIT circuits for optimal fat loss. For example, if you are out running (Tom Cruise-style), perform an all-out sprint for the first minute and then slow down and catch your breath for the next minute. Repeat this circuit until you reach the 60-minute mark. 

Wednesday: Back, Biceps, and Traps

  1. Warm-Up: 10-min walk
  2. Deadlift: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  3. Preacher Curl: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  4. Barbell Shrug: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  5. Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  6. Lateral Pulldown: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  7. Cable Row: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  8. Cable Shrug: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  9. Reverse Cable Bicep Curl: 3 Sets 20 Reps

Rest: 30-seconds between sets and exercises.

The mind-muscle connection is a crucial aspect of bodybuilding. Do not go through the reps for the sake of it. Hold and contract your muscles with every repetition for optimal muscle recruitment. 

The Tom Cruise workout program maintains a balance between compound and isolation exercises. While compound (multi-joint) lifts are great for building strength and improving functionality, isolation (single-joint) exercises are incredibly effective at building muscle conditioning.

Thursday: Activity Day

  • Choose One: sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, rock-climbing, hiking, jogging, running, etc.

Since you have two activity days in the program, you should switch between LIIT (low-intensity interval training) and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts to get the best of both worlds. 

Stretching after every workout and especially on activity days is non-negotiable. Your workouts should consist of a combination of static, dynamic, and pre-contraction stretches. According to research, regular stretching ensures your muscles are strong, healthy, and flexible enough to maintain a full range of motion in your joints. 

Need more reasons for stretching?

Have you ever wondered how Tom Cruise would jump over buildings, walk through laser beams, and kick a 6’5″ villain in the face if he was not flexible enough?

Friday: Legs and Abs

  1. Warm-Up: 10-min walk
  2. Squat: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  3. Weighted Lunges: 3 Sets 10 Reps (Each Leg)
  4. Leg Press: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  5. Cable Pull-Through: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  6. Hamstring Curl Machine: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  7. Leg Extension Machine: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  8. Standing Calf Raise: 3 Sets 10 Reps
  9. Ab Circuit: 3 Rounds
    1. Cable Crunch: 30 Reps
    2. Hanging Leg Raise: 20 Reps
    3. Russian Twist: 1 Minute
    4. Plank: 1 Minute

Rest: 30-seconds between sets and exercises.

After the leg workout, Tom Cruise gets into an ab training circuit. Since Cruise follows a low-calorie diet, he does not have to work too hard for his abs. 

On a calorie deficit diet like Cruise’s, you can build washboard abs by performing three ab circuits a week. 

There are no accessory muscles on the Tom Cruise workout program. Although Tom weight trains three days a week, he does not miss training any muscle group – whether abs, calves, or forearms. 

Saturday & Sunday: Rest

If you think Tom Cruise Netflix and chills on the weekends, you are mistaken. The perfectionist is one of the most hardworking individuals in the film industry. He is always working on himself and trying to be better than he was yesterday. 

On your rest days, go out for a 15-20 minute walk. You could also engage in low-intensity activities like bowling, golf, or foosball. The idea is to keep moving and staying in a calorie deficit state. 

The Tom Cruise workout routine is a breath of fresh air for people who dread going to a gym six days a week. While traditional workout programs might get boring and redundant after some time, Cruise’s outdoor adventures keep you excited and motivated for each training session. 


Protein Supplements

Since Cruise follows a low-calorie diet, it becomes essential for him to include supplements in his program. Here are the supplements he relies upon:

1. Multivitamin

Multivitamins are one of the most frequently consumed supplements in the health and fitness world. Most multivitamin supplements contain a healthy dose of potassium, vitamins, iron, and many other important but often overlooked minerals. 

Some benefits of multivitamins include:

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. Reduced stress and anxiety
  3. Improved mood
  4. Better memory
  5. Maintained muscle health

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2. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral that your body cannot make. Our body needs it to ensure optimal performance of basic functions. Because we cannot produce it, we obtain it through our diet.

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3. Omega-3

Cod liver oil provides omega-3 fatty acids which are essential nutrients that cannot be produced by our body. 

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are key fatty acids in cod liver oil. They are essential for fetal development, healthy aging, weight management, cardiovascular health, inflammation, and even cell membrane health.

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4. Joint Support 

While the Tom Cruise workout plan is physically exertive, the diet program is not enough to support the wear and tear on your joints. Hence, a joint support supplement becomes indispensable. 

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5. Whey Protein

Tom Cruise does not go easy on his muscles. His workouts are intense, and his schedule is jam-packed – meaning he is breaking down muscle tissue faster than they recuperate. A whey protein supplement is essential to ensure he does not end up looking like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club.

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Tom Cruise’s workout and diet program are especially great for people with smaller frames as they focus on balance, muscle symmetry, and proportions to create a big physique illusion. 

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