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Top Exercises Used by NFL Professionals

Think you train hard? Well, your workout regime probably falls in comparison to some of the National Football League’s top…

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Top Exercises Used by NFL Professionals Think you train hard? Well, your workout regime probably falls in comparison to some of the National Football League’s top athletes. The NFL training regiments are some of the most challenging and strenuous workouts you can imagine. On that note, let us preview some of the exercises your average fitness freak probably cannot do.

In today’s climate, professional football players signed to the NFL are training harder than ever; with the evolution of football year by year, an old-fashioned mentality of packing on the pounds in muscle mass during the offseason is long over. NFL teams have forfeited such unethical practices to focus on the cutting-edge exercises that can assist in the explosiveness and athleticism of its players. Hence, we’re seeing the new age of player become faster, stronger, and generally more talented than their ageing counterparts who used different methods of working out.

Players are not only exercising in more demanding routines but also train with intelligence, therefore being able to stay healthy for more extended periods compared to those retired athletes who became accustomed to the old school rules. The health of a 53-man roster is imperative, and each club knows this, sports and science go together, so technology is also assisting the players who are required to stay 100% healthy for the entire 16-game season.

Below we are highlighting a handful of players and some of their essential exercises.

Russell Wilson and Box Jumps

Top Exercises Used by NFL Professionals

Box jumps may seem like a general exercise for most NFL players, as this common exercise can produce more explosiveness and raise their fast twitches. But are you aware that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is particularly benefiting from this workout?

Between kettle-bell lunges, triceps extensions, dumbbell step-ups and box jumps, the 5-foot-11 QB remains completely ripped from these workouts. When considered short for this position, he needs to stay at peak fitness.

In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Wilson said: “I’ve focussed on my leg strength in recent years. When you’re growing up, you always think that your upper body strength and everybody is testing your best thing, your bench max and all that kind of stuff. As a quarterback, it’s more so leg strength, core strength, shoulder stability, and core stability. The thing that I pride myself on is mobility – my mobility and flexibility. I’m constantly working out those areas.”

Tom Brady and Reverse Squats

Top Exercises Used by NFL Professionals

Seven-time NFL Super Bowl winner Tom Brady does not become one of the greatest footballers in history through simply running on a treadmill or performing sit-ups. Rarely do you not see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback feature on the NFL scoreboard, and reverse squats are one of his favourite go-to exercises.

Brady is known to train with his personal trainer six times each week and always includes reverse squats. Sure, it’s a simple exercise, but go ahead and attempt this yourself – you will feel the burn! Unlike the typical squat, you must keep your knees behind your toes the entire time.

Antonio Brown and the TRX Hip Press

Top Exercises Used by NFL Professionals

Receiving those deep passes from Tom Brady must make life easier, but Antonio Brown must keep his lightning-quick speed at an elite level to chase those balls down.

Obviously, Brown has a long list of exercises that assist his pro-athlete fitness, but the TRX hip press stands out from the crowd.

The TRX hip press can help trigger the glute muscles. You can perform the TRX hip press by holding the handles of the straps with your palms facing in and your arms extended, clenching your glutes, and stretching your hips towards the ceiling while your head is straight back (and parallel) to the ground, then lower yourself to the starting position to begin the new set of reps.

Cam Newton and the Chain Push-Up

To conclude on our NFL top-tier workouts, we’re including an exercise you might be familiar with – a push-up. But wait, a twist… add a 100-200lb steel chain on your back and attempt the same push-up method with some additional weight.

New England Patriots QB and three-time Pro Bowler Cam Newton can clarify; this push-up method can drastically improve your strength. The chain push-up will build the core muscles more so than a regular one because of the additional weight.

To do this at home, simply get into a standard push-up position and have your trainer or friend place a heavy chain on your lower back. From there, do as many reps as possible to gain that QB strength of Cam Newton.



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