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Watch Will Smith Hilariously Try to Remember How to Use the Gym

Will Smith has been on a fitness journey for the last month, throwing himself into a rigorous training regime in…

By admint10m , in Legs , at June 17, 2021


Will Smith has been on a fitness journey for the last month, throwing himself into a rigorous training regime in an attempt to get back into shape after posting a photo of the weight he gained over the last year and a half as a result of lockdown-induced snacking. And as the 52-year-old actor’s latest Instagram post can attest, the pandemic has also affected his personal fitness in a different way.

After countless months stuck at home, he appears to have forgotten how to use a single piece of gym equipment. Cue some relatable content.

“Trying to remember how to use a gym after quarantine,” reads the caption on the video, which shows Smith attempting all kinds of far-from-correct exercises on the apparatus, including using one as a swing, working his arms on a leg curl machine, spreading his legs on an upper body machine, and doing something resembling a backward seated twerk on the rowing machine.

“Feeling the burn in places I didn’t even know were places,” he wrote.

As you’d expect from the Fresh Prince himself, Smith has gone into his transformation with a sense of humor about the whole thing, which is reflected in the other updates he’s been sharing from his workouts. He gamely shared glimpses of himself working out with light dumbbells and an empty bar, knowing full well the importance of perfecting technique before adding load, as well as posting his clumsy first attempts at yoga and an ill-fated tire workout. Not to mention the hilarious workout Photoshops that fans sent him, one of which depicts the beloved movie star, musician and producer giving birth.

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